Review of Second Strike Online Slot

Powered by Quickspin, Second Strike slot may seem like an average online slots game, but players will quickly learn that there is more to the game than meets the eye. Second Strike slot is extremely similar to other slots games in terms of general theme, featuring symbols such as fruit and the lucky seven. The game retains the simple, easy to use layout that is present in most Quickspin slots games, and players both new and old will find Second Strike quick to pick up and play.

Second Strike Slot Game Layout

As with most Quickspin games, everything the player needs to play Second Strike slot can be found at the bottom of the screen, below the reels. From right to left, players can find the play and autoplay, speed increase, betting, total balance, information, and game settings.

Bringing up the information screen will present the player with everything they need to know about the game, including value of symbols, available combinations, and the features unique to the game. While Second Strike slot is similar to many other pokies aesthetically, Quickspin has added their own unique look and feel to the game.

Second Strike Slot Gameplay

Second Strike slot stands out above the rest when it comes to its unique game mechanics. While the game is indeed a classic slot in most regards, Quickspin have added a unique feature that gives the casino game a new level of entertainment. Namely, the second strike feature. This is an aspect of the game that is activated once a certain combination of symbols has been landed. Once the right symbols have appeared, players will first receive a win depending on the combination in question, and then a mini game will start.

Second Strike Slot Gameplay

This involves the border of the game itself lighting up with the same symbols as the ones players land, after which a small rotation will start. If one of the symbols highlighted in the border are landed upon, the player’s current symbols will be multiplied across the reels, and a win will be calculated and multiplied. This can mean racking up massive wins in a relatively short space of time. This can also apply to more than one set of symbols. For example, if a player lands a combination of both bells and cherries, then cherries and bells will become highlighted in the border, increasing the chance of a second strike. The initial spin can then potentially add up to many extra wins as the second strike feature commences.

Additionally, like many Visa pokies, Second Strike slot contains a wild symbol, which can act as a substitute for other symbols, potentially completing certain combinations and allowing for the second strike feature to begin. The second strike feature will start up every time a combination is landed, meaning that impatient players will be grateful for the autoplay and fast game options available.

Second Strike Slot Conclusion

For players who are fans of traditional online slots games, but who are also looking for something a little extra, Second Strike slot may be the perfect game to meet those criteria.