A Look at Crapless Craps: A Fresh Twist in the Online Gambling World

A man named Bob Stupak invented the crapless craps variation, opening the casino Vegas World in 1979, a place peaking in the 1980s when it became well known for making a number of innovative games available to its players. Players enjoy trying new things, and this version of the very popular casino game allowed players to enjoy the game in a totally new way.

Crapless craps removes the risk of players losing on the come out roll. If the numbers two; three or 12 land the player loses in the original game, and only a seven or 11 allow for a win, but this version has two; three; four; five; six; eight; nine; ten; 11 and 12 results treated as points –the only non-point result in this version of the game is the seven.

Playing Crapless Craps at Online Casinos

Players are able to enjoy crapless craps games at a variety of first-rate casinos that operate online, and can take part in games whenever they like, from wherever they happen to be. Smartphones and tablets provide access that is as safe and easy to use as that of laptops and desktop computers, and players are able to enjoy the game in free mode as well, for as long as they like. Although this method of play disallows for any winnings to be taken home at the end of the playing period, it is an excellent way to learn how to play without having to risk any money.

A Different Table Layout for Crapless Craps

The layout for the crapless craps table is different to that for the traditional game, with the numbers two; three; eleven and twelve lined up alongside those of four; five; six; eight; nine and ten. Players are able to make odds bet on any of the point numbers as well, with the majority casino payoffs being six to one for the two; and 12 and three to one for the three and 11.

Crapless craps provides all of the numbers as point numbers except for the seven, with this numeral being the only one to win on the come out roll, although all the other numbers will then become points for the shooter. Once this point number has been established the only way that a player can lose is by landing a seven. Players are able to make odds bets, and all of the other wagers are available except the don’t pass line bet.

Interesting Superstitions Regarding Playing Craps

The most famous superstition about craps is that should the dice be removed from the table the next roll’s result will be a seven. This happens surprisingly often, and has resulted in many players and shooters requesting the same dice when this occurs. Another amusing belief is that women who have never played before and know nothing about the game will end up lucky –this has many people exceeding their usual bets in order to profit from the outcome. The opposite is believed when men play for the first time, and many craps players will think twice about their live betting when they know that this is the case.