Darts Betting Explained for Punters Online

One may think that darts was just something that people in pubs and bars played to pass the time. The truth is that darts is taking a massive upswing in popularity both as a televised sport and as a sport which is wagered upon on online.

Darts Betting is something that a number of sites now offer for people from Brazil. Having a solid knowledge of the sport is important for placing a successful wager, however. Don’t just trust your best friend who plays each week at the local watering hole, do some real research yourself into not only the rules but the players as well.

Darts Rules

Darts is a pretty straightforward game. There are very few grey areas in the sport, players either win by hitting a better score than their opponents or they don’t. The only case where this may change is if a player withdraws before of any pint during a match. The only other rule with regard to darts betting is if the match is not completed then bets in following markets become void and stakes returned; individual averages, individual checkouts, most 180s, 180s market.

Where to Place a Wager

As darts betting is not as yet the most popular of sports betting options like cricket wagers, there are limited numbers of online sites and bookies which offer it. That being said, some of the big names offer a decent betting menu, with the added bonus of promotions and little perks if you join up with them.

To find one of these sites, you simply have to go online and enter into you search engine Darts Betting in Brazil. Choose the well known sites, or at least sites which have a readily available record. Read some reviews on them before you deposit any money at online betting sites.

Different Darts Bets

Different Darts Bets

There are a number of bets which one can place on a darts game; in fact it may surprise you how much darts betting has to offer.

Match betting is the most popular of the wagers which can be placed on a darts game. This is an overall bet on who will win the whole match. In a darts game there are no draws, so this is a pretty straightforward bet which you will either win or lose.

Highest three dart average is a bet which is placed on a player during a match. This can be expanded to which player with have the highest three dart average over an entire tournament.

The highest double percentage is a choice which player has the highest double percentage of the match. This is worked out by dividing the amount of darts thrown at a double by the number of those darts which hit a double.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like choice in researching about the FIFA betting odds, one of the great things about darts betting online is that you have the choice of a number of great bonuses and promotions which are offered by various online bookies. These range from things like free money on sign up to spend on your favorite darts game, to matching your initial few bets. Different sites offer different promotions, so be sure to shop around to find the best one for you.