Develop a Perfect Poker Strategy with Our Guide

Ausvegas online poker – In order to form the perfect poker strategy, it helps the player to know where the game comes from and how it’s played.

One of the first times the game of poker was mentioned in literature was in the memoirs of the Joseph Cowell, an English actor, in 1829. He reported seeing a game played in New Orleans, Louisiana that involved a deck of twenty cards. There were four players in the game and they were all betting on who had the most valuable hand. Once can imagine how poker strategy was different when playing with just twenty cards.

In 1843, Jonathan Green wrote, in his book An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling, about the game of poker having seen popular growth through the Mississippi riverboats. Gambling was very common on these boats, and as they ran throughout the United States along the many rivers that fed into the Mississippi, it wasn’t very long before the game grew even further in popularity – so much so that it became a part of frontier life. It wasn’t long before poker went from being played with a twenty card deck to a full fifty two card deck. This was when the hand known as the flush was introduced.

Poker Develops

During the 1860s, when the American Civil War was in full swing, there were many additions to the game of poker. These included five-card stud and stud poker in general. Later additions included split-pot poker, and the wild card.

It wasn’t until around nineteen seventy or so that poker tournaments increased in popularity and the need for players to perfect a winning poker strategy increased dramatically. This was marked by the world series of poker.

Poker Hands

In order to form the perfect poker strategy, a player must memorise the various poker hands and know which ones are the most valuable. The first poker hand a player must understand is the high card. This is when no hand can be made from the cards that have been dealt, and the only real value in that hand is the highest card in the hand.

For instance, if the first player has an ace, ten, nine, five and four, and the second player has a king, queen, jack, eight and seven, then the first player will win because they have the highest card – the ace. If two players have the same highest card then it comes down to who has the second highest. The second poker hand a player must understand is one pair. This is when a player has a pair of the same card. The higher the pair, the more valuable it is to the player. The next hand is two pair. This is when a player has two pairs of identical cards, such as two queens and two aces. The next hand is three of a kind. This is when the player has three of the same card. The next is a straight. A straight is five cards in order.

The next hand is a flush. A flush is when the player has five cards of the same suit. The next hand is a full house. This is when the player has two of the same card and three of same card together in one hand. The next hand is four of a kind. This is when the player has four of the same card. The final hand is a straight flush. This is when cards are in order and have the same suit.