Have a Look at the Options of Betting on the All Blacks

There is an array of options for betting on the All Blacks, and rugby teams in general. This article outlines some of the most popular.

Tournament Bets: The Outright Winner

A bet taken on the Outright Winner requires you to guess who you think will win the championship or tournament, or even simply place, if you decide to make an Each Way wager.

Depending on the level of competition of the tournament you may be looking at a short-priced favourite, or a group very tightly bunched up at the market’s head, and one tip here is to investigate the underdog very thoroughly, as these teams will provide better returns if successful.

Betting on the Top Try Scorer

This is a frequently difficult market to correctly predict, as its outcome will take into account many factors, including the form of the player, the form of his team, any injuries the player may have to deal with, or suspensions that may occur. A tip for punters who are interested in this market is that they do their homework, and start small.

Match Betting Options for the All Blacks

There will odds on both of the teams taking part in the match to win it, and these will be made available for a significant period before the contest takes place. However, if the game is not viewed as a particularly competitive one, there may be only a handicap market provided by New Zealand bookmakers.

A hint for this group of bets is trying to get your wager in as soon as possible after the odds are made available –as they change as the game time approaches, the returns will become a lot less significant.

The Details on Handicap Betting

Handicap betting has the team thought to be in a better position given a points deficit, and they are required to make this up as the game unfolds in order to beat the handicap. The punter is then asked to make a decision: he or she can either back the favourite team, and take their points deduction into account, or decide instead to favour the underdogs thanks to the head-start these points will give them.

Thanks to the fact that handicaps will generally result in both of the teams being 10/11 for the win, the amount of points that will be deducted from the favourite, or added on to the underdog, generally reflects how many points the bookmaker feels the favourites will win by.

Successful punters in this area of betting have latched onto a method that sees a lot of success, and they produce their own handicaps, doing so before the New Zealand bookmakers even price up the games. This way, the punters have already made a decision as to what they think the difference in the final score will be, and they then simply review how widely the bookmaker’s opinion may differ from their own, well-researched, one. The bigger this difference is, the better the bet will be, is generally the case.