Land Of Unicorn Video Slot Overview

Land of Unicorn features five reels and nine paylines, developed by Viaden this video slot is centrally themed around the mystery and intrigue of Unicorns and medieval times. Land of unicorn is a simplistic slot title that offers no real intrigue apart from the games theme of mystery closely associated with unicorns and medieval times. The slot title has a basic free spins bonus round feature that can be re-triggered an unlimited number of times.

The unicorn is a legendary creature in mythology, it has been described since the beginning of ages as a horse with a sharp pointed, spiralling horn protruding from the top of its head. Within folklore the unicorn is often depicted as a white horse with a sharp horn protruding from its forehead. The unicorn also represents a creature of purity and grace known for its wild and gracious nature. It had long been portrayed as such a rare and beautiful creature that it was thought only a soul with a pure heart and benevolent intention would ever capture such a beast.

Interface and Appearance

Land of unicorn is a basic slot title with no complicated mini games or animated actions. The sole focus is on the reels and there are no distracting elements that take away from the game play experience of a true video slot. There is one very impressive element in Land of unicorn, the setting to the reels.

A bridge can be seen in the background with a darkened out side and whiter, brighter side. The darkened side is the only side to feature a unicorn, while the lighter side features more of a horse like character. The unicorn, which is a symbol of long standing purity, seems to reflect the inner strength and corrupt actions that can stem from too much power while the lighter side is represented by the more modest man. The theme then is the raging battle between good and evil men and the actions of both respectively in this game.

Land Of Unicorn Reel Symbols

Galloping on to the reels players can expect to find red dragons waiting to be slain by a brave and pure of heart soul, a princess, a knight, a castle, owls and of course unicorns. Lower value symbols are represented by traditional and medieval typography playing card symbols such as the Ten, jack, Queen, King and Ace respectively.

Wild Symbol

Land of unicorn features a monstrous red dragon as the games wild symbol. The wild symbol of the game will act as any typical wild and substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the bonus symbol. Players will be delighted to know that all winning combinations achieved with the wild symbol will be subject to a 2X multiplier.

Bonus Symbol

Land of unicorn also features a bonus symbol that is represented by a medieval typography bonus icon set against the background of a baron tree.

Free Spins Bonus Round

If players of pokies online NZ manage to land three bonus symbols during the base game a reward of fifteen free spins will be awarded alongside a 3X multiplier for the duration of the free spins round. Players will be delighted to know that the free spins bonus round has the ability to be re-triggered an unlimited amount of times during the base game of the slot title.