Jetsetter Online Slot Described for Players

Jetsetter slot by Endorphina software is a five reel and twenty payline slot with a jetsetter, VIP theme. It is quite easy for the player to get into the life of luxury with the lavish décor and exquisite touches of wealth incorporated into this game.

Jetsetter slot a cartoon art style that mixes photo realistic graphics with softer, but equally as realistic drawings. Tones of red and dark purples make up the majority of the colour scheme with highlights of red, yellow and orange to really make things pop on the screen. Behind the reels, the player can see a large wall with padded purple leather. It is being lit up by two ornate golden lamps with crystals hanging from them. In the top left and top right corners, there are two red curtains folded back. The player can almost imagine this being a room in a huge yacht or a mansion in the hills. Above the reels is the name of the slot written in a bold, gold font face. It is draped in the same red material as is hanging in both corners of the background.

To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the various paylines that are available for player. There are a total of twenty paylines in this slot and thus there are ten numbers on each side. These numbers are written in white on red square backgrounds. Below the reels, the player is able to place their bet. The player’s total bet can range from twenty all the way up to two thousand. This can be adjusted by using the up and down arrows above the total bet box. The spin and autospin buttons are right next to each other and allow for two different types of play.

Jetsetter Slot Symbols

There is a nice mix of symbols in Jetsetter slot. They range from the normal card symbols to elements of the jetsetter luxury lifestyle. From least valuable to most valuable, these symbols include a nine, a ten, a jack, a queen, a king and an ace. The jetsetter symbols include a man holding a cigar, a roulette table, a yellow sports car, a yacht and a private jet.

The wild symbol is the name of the slot against a red and gold background. The scatter symbols include a blonde woman holding bank notes as well as bank notes that are split into two halves.

Jetsetter Slot Bonus Features

First, the wild symbol in this slot can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter in order to make a winning combination. What’s special about this wild in particular is that payouts are doubled for any winning combination that it completes.

If the player manages to land three of the blonde woman scatter symbols, they will be rewarded with twenty free spins. Should the player win big, they can risk it all by trying to pick a card with a higher value than the one shown. This is what Endorphina calls their risk feature. It is similar to a gamble feature in other games.