An Introduction to Bonus Slots Available Today

Online slots are one of the most popular forms of online gaming and rightly so. Online slot titles feature great bonus features that can result in big pay offs to player. With developers trying out many original ideas to make their games stand out, bonus features in slots are getting more original as well. Bonuses can take many forms with online slots. They can either be as a result of a set combination of symbols on the slot reels, resulting in a big pay out or additional win multipliers. They can also be free spins offered by a casino site when you sign up to join their site.

Varieties of Bonus Slots

There is a very competitive online market for slots; this gives the players the advantage as they get a wide variety of bonuses offered to them by competing companies and casinos. Players also get a wide variety of themes in today’s slot titles. Movies are licenced resulting in Batman slot titles, Terminator slot titles, even Pirates of the Caribbean. Equally other forms of media also get licenced for slots like the bands ACDC and the Rolling Stones each having their own themed slot titles. The bonuses on these slots are usually themed to tie in with the title subject. For instance the bonus could be getting enough crowd icons and performing a guitar solo for a music themed slot title.

Free Play

Most casino or slot sites will allow players the option of playing their online slots for free, you cannot make any real money wagers or take home any winnings. This feature is usually used as a promotional tool, not only for the site but for the game as well. This is a great way to get to know the games you want to play and also to figure out how to hit the bonus features. The bonus features are what allow you to win big prizes so figuring out what in game features trigger them is always helpful.

Bonus Slots for Mobile Play

Online slots are one of the best, if not the best casino games to play on a mobile device. Most slot titles consist of making a wager and spinning the reels so gameplay on the move could not be simpler. Most slot titles also include an Auto Bet or Auto Spin option where you can set the game to make a certain amount of spins at a certain wager amount. This makes mobile play even simpler. You then simply sit back and watch the bonuses land in your slot title. Talking about cash in hand, don’t forget these bonuses are attached with conditions too like the offers at

Bonus Slot Compatibility with Devices

Most users’ biggest concern is whether or not a title will work on their device. Most users are split into Android, Windows and iOS users. Each of these systems uses its own unique code so compatibility is a legitimate concern. Luckily most developers take this into account. After all, the more compatible your software, the wider your user base. Sites often either individually cater to each user or simply offer in-browser play to negate the need for compatibility since the software just uses the browser’s flash functionality.