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Print this page and mail with your deposit to:

Copper's Creek Outfitters™
16620 W. 266th Street
Illinois City, IL 61259
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Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions!

You (hunter) must agree to the following rules; failure to do so may result in the immediate cancellation of your hunt with no refund.

  1. Hunters must not leave their immediate stand area without a guide. (This does not include walking directly to or from vehicle or drop off spot.) This DOES include tracking wounded game. Copper's Creek Outfitters™ Representative must be present during tracking.

  2. If a hunter shoots and misses, loses an arrow, and/or hits a deer the hunter WILL tell a representative of Copper's Creek Outfitters™ IMMEDIATELY. If a deer is hit and there is blood but the deer can't be found, the hunter WILL AGREE to pay Copper's Creek Outfitters™ $200. The hunter can then RESUME their hunt,

  3. Hunters may harvest any buck with at least a 15" spread and 8 points. Any hunter harvesting a smaller buck than this will pay an additional $300 fine. (This is intended to protect 1-1/2 year old bucks to allow them to reach trophy proportion.) We also understand that a trophy to one might not be a trophy to another. For instance: Someone harvests a lesser buck that is the largest or first deer that they have ever harvested, they will still be fined the $300. But, if they get the deer mounted and send us a picture of the deer to prove it was mounted, we will refund $200 of the fine.)

  4. Hunters must agree to respect other hunters, guides and landowners. Hunters must not damage, in any way, property of landowners or Copper's Creek Outfitters™.

  5. Any hunter that is found to be out of their designated area will be done. They will forfeit their hunting fees, their hunt is over and they can go home. Trespassers will not be tolerated.

  6. Hunters must wear attached safety belts at all times while off the ground.

  7. Copper's Creek Outfitters™ reserves the right to 3% of any and all earnings if you harvest a "World Record Buck".

  8. Copper's Creek Outfitters™ reserves the right to use any photos and names of hunters in advertising and promotion of the club.

I (hunter) hereby release, discharge and promise not to sue the landowners and any other person, trust or entity with a present or future, possessory or non-possessory, legal or beneficial interest in any portion of the hunting property, and/or any of their members, managers, employees, agents, heirs, next-of-kin, spouses, successors or assigns for the loss, liability, damages or cost whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury (including death) to my person or property, including my children.

I (hunter) hereby release the landowners and Copper's Creek Outfitters™ from any claim that they are or may be negligent or grossly negligent in connection with any injury, loss or damage to person or property occurring on the hunting property and/or in connection with my hunting activities on or near the hunting property, including, but not limited to: provision of, maintenance of, or failure to provide or use hunting gear; maintenance of or failure to warn of roads, ditches, blinds, structures, shelters, fences, fields, ravines, crevices, holes, wells, creeks, rivers, trees or any other place or hazard on the hunting property, whether natural or man-made; failure to warn of or restrict others from hunting on or entering the hunting property; failure to provide aid or to rescue, or if aid is attempted by the landowners or Copper's Creek Outfitters™ or by others, failure to exercise requisite care in such attempt; infliction of emotional distress; and incidents involving the discharge of firearms and the use of other weapons.











Daytime Phone


Evening Phone


Email Address


Date of Hunt


Deposit Amount Enclosed (50% of Total Cost)
Sorry, deposits are not refundable.

Deposits may be held over for one year if we are notified 60 days prior to hunt.

Amount Due on Arrival
(Cash or Money Order only for balance)

Date will not be held unless Copper's Creek Outfitters™ has received your deposit - first money reserves the date.

Please send this completed order for and your non-refundable deposit to:

Copper's Creek Outfitters™, 16620 W. 266th St., Illinois City, IL 61259

Questions? Call 563-299-9663.

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